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April 13, 2008
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Victim Stamp by Mistress-Blood Victim Stamp by Mistress-Blood
What I can't stand is when someone always has to play the victim. "Oh I'm a woman living in a man's world! Poor me! Boo hoo!" SHUT UP!! :slap: "Oh! People are racist against me, that's why I live in poverty!" SHUT UP!!! :fork:

Stop blaming everyone else for your problems! Stand up, be strong, and fight! This world is not going to get any better with everyone just complaining all the time!
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Now comes to my mind a phrase that Aiyan Hirsi Ali, a somali right-winged politician that said 'Black people aren't victims, they have a brain just like everybody, and like everybody with a brain, they are responsible of their own actions!'

Liberals often hate her because they except that a black person must be necessarily communist or liberal.
Andi1990 Oct 11, 2012  Student Filmographer
I hate appropriating the language of the social justice cult on the internet, but I must for this instance. You are speaking from a position of privilege. You don't get to "refuse" to be a victim. Victimhood chooses you. If there is institutional racism, no matter how you choose to deal with it, you are still a victim of that system. If you get raped, no matter what your coping mechanism is for the aftermath, you are still a victim of a crime. If you live in poverty and you have little to no chance of getting out of it, it doesn't matter how chipper you pretend to be, you are still a victim.

And if somebody feels a bit hopeless sometimes about it, maybe they have every right to vent and maybe it's not your place to judge them for that.

You understand now?
Yes, people sometimes choose to be victums.
Capricornicis Apr 5, 2010  Student Digital Artist
So agree with this.
i hate those victim people!!! Why should I feel bad for you? You're full of crap and you know it!!!

nice stamp :clap:
Oh grow up.......
This is awesome!
My stpid friend is such a whore and says its because men make her! They do not!
Then you've got strippers and hookers who HAVE too because they can't fill out a job application!
Then theres abortion and everyone says women can do whatever they want 'cause it's in her! Psshh I wanna know what the men think when the woman's gonna kill his baby.

Anyway- Awesome.
This is pretty much what I live my life by!
LadyLuck89 Jul 7, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I would say something else but it would be far too evil. I WILL NOTE YOU B!TCH. :P (you know I love you with all my freaking heart right? :heart:)
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